Photo shoots

I have been photographing babies, children, families and pets, professionally since 2001. We have a relaxed, informal studio space above our Hexham shop and have a lot of fun in photo shoots. It's all about capturing who you are and if you have little ones that don't want to sit still that's ok too. They jump around and play. The studio is a blank canvas. With the white wall and wood effect floor it's a neutral space where you can bring your favourite things and make your pictures your own. 

We can also come out to you. Photo shoots out in the park or in your garden can also be fun. Have a look at the sections below for more info on the different photo shoots that we do. If you don't see something that fits your needs just let us know as this page would be very long if I included all the possibilities. 

(I am also a member of the Societies of wedding and portrait photographers where I hold the following professional qualification LSWPP).

Sarah x

Photo shoots in our Hexham studio

Newborn babies, fun children's photo shoots, family groups, individual shoots for you or for work, pets and more. I love our studio space. Often we use it as it is, with it's white wall and wood effect floor for an informal look. With newborn babies or children that aren't running around we sometimes will also do some shots against a different coloured background. 

Big family groups

The picture here is a bit of fun. Sometimes things get a little crazy but a lot of fun. Big family groups are usually relaxed family shots in the studio and often the smaller family groups within the big family group too. I shoot a variety so that you can choose your favourites when you see the pictures. Big family groups can also be done out on location or at home in the garden. If you want to bring props (like the hats in this picture) you can do. Just be you! 


I am an animal lover. I have dogs and tortoises at home. I love photographing cats. Usually it's easier to photograph cats in your home and no, the cat does not need to sit still. I will work around them. The cat is usually the one in charge. Whether you have a cat, dog, budgie, rabbit or any other kind of pet we know that they are your family and we love to photograph them in your home, out and about or in the studio. 

How to view and order

A couple of days after your photo shoot I will email you a link so that you can view your pictures in the comfort of your home, in your own time. You can forward the link to other members of your family if you need to. You can choose your favourites and order from the price list which you will see at the bottom of the page. Marks, scratches, dribble & noses can be retouched too! 


Whether you have a photo shoot at home or in the studio you can order your favourites from the price list below. Our most popular items are the digital files on USB and the 20x16" framed picture for the wall. Use the price list as a guide as we can do different sizes and different combinations of things. 

There is no photo shoot fee for a photo shoot in the studio. You simply pay for what you want to order. For photo shoots on location or at your home there is a photo shoot fee of £30. 

A £20 deposit is required to book your photo shoot. 

For further info or to book just give us a ring on the number below.